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Be An Agent.
Time to Enhance Your leadership Skills Be a CIA Agent

What Is CIA + -

Campus Ambassador Program
of the Future

CIA or the Creativix Institutional Ambassadors is one of a kind Campus ambassador program that provides a wide range of opportunities to student representatives along with student participants.

Yes, It’s not just for student representatives but also for participants.

What do 
CIA Agent Do? + -

They Win

CIA Agent is a campus ambassador of creativix who is destined for big things.
After the rigorous selection process, Our agents build their team of talented co-conspirators and become the leader of the gang.
This gang will then participate in various
activities | events | challenges to win exciting prizes after each mission and a grand Prize at the end of the journey.
Do you think you can build a team of winners and lead them to success?

Who can be a 
CIA Agent ? + -

Only the chosen ones

Not everyone has it in them to become a part of the most insane Campus ambassador program
Our Agents are some of the most rigorously selected students from around the country who represent their college and build a team of co-conspirators.
You need to an energetic, smarty pants who has the ability to win the hearts of your team members and be a leader that can guide them to success.

Wanna be a
 CIA Agent ? + -

The worthy will stand out

There are only two possibilities,
You either are an agent or you aren’t… and God save the latter.
Fill the form and we will track you down and get you started.
If you are worth it, you might as well become an agent..

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CIA : Creativix Institutional Ambassador Creativix Campus Ambassador Program

Agent Skills



You need to not only build your team from scratch but also lead your team to Success


Street smart

Our missions are hard, you will need to think outside the box multiple times



The journey is not easy, but if you are hardworking enough we got prizes for all of you and your co-conspirators



Thinking outside the box is one way to put it, but you need to be creative in your approach towards mission so that your team's tasks stand out.

Who deserves to be a CIA agent?

CIA : Creativix Institutional Ambassador Creativix Campus Ambassador Program
Networking Skills

Humans Of Axelrod

They are the reason CIA exist...

Agent N

Nazish Khan

Vanshika Jain

Agent Trainee

Vanshika Jain

Vanshika Garg

Agent Trainee

Vanshika Garg

Mariyam Siddiqui

Mission Incharged

Mariyam Siddiqui

Jinal Surti

Pact Master

Jinal Surti

Yamini Chundawat

Ring Leader

Yamini Chundawat


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